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With only a couple of years until the War of 1812 Bicentennial, Canada needs the CBC to begin making a Documentary on the War of 1812.   PBS in the United States started filming at the beginning of 2009.  

Canada's story will be lost if you do not act now.  What about Canada's story?  Please take 15 seconds and click, sign and send the below message to the CBC and the Minister of Canadian Heritage to say the sacrifices of 1812 Veterans should not be forgotten.




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2010 Conferences

February 27th  - Living History Conference, London, Ontario. 

More information found here. War of 1812 staff will be contributing:

“You can’t handle the Truth.” Crime, Punishment and the British Soldier in the War of 1812 by Robert Henderson 

“Woollen War Paint” Uniform of the British Infantryman in the War of 1812  by Robert Henderson

April 30th- May 1st  - Second Annual War of 1812 Seminar, Ogdensburg, New York 

More information found here. staff will be contributing:

"Hustlers, Bumpkins, and Patriots" Recruiting the British Soldier in the War of 1812  by Robert Henderson

Spring  - Bicentennial Lecture Series, Prescott, Ontario. staff will be contributing:

Love, Lust and the British Soldier in the War of 1812  by Robert Henderson



2010 Major Reenactment Events of Crown Forces

Crown Forces Infantry Officer & NCO School of Instruction
Date TBA ('ONLY' Crown Forces Officers and NCO's to attend in Privates kit)
All units Drill
Date TBA
(All Ranks Crown & U.S.A. Forces encouraged to attend)


July 30-Aug 1st
Annual 1812 Grand Tactical -
Sacket's Harbor, New York

(All Crown and USA Forces encouraged to attend)




Reenactment Unit Websites

Great Britain


6th Dragoons

1st (Royal Scots) Regiment of Foot (Grenadier Company)

1st (Royal Scots) Regiment of Foot (Light Company)

3th (East Kent) Regiment of Foot   The Buffs

6th (1st Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot

8th (King's) Regiment of Foot

9th (Norfolk) Regiment of Foot

41st Regiment of Foot

43rd Regiment of Foot

49th Regiment of Foot

88th Regiment of Foot

89th Regiment of Foot

93rd (Sutherland Highland) Regiment of Foot

95th (Rifles) Regiment of Foot, 3rd Battalion

Regiment De Meuron

Regiment De Watteville

1812 Corps of Drums

Ordnance Corps

Royal Horse Artillery

Fencibles and Militia

Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Fencible Infantry (Bulger's Company)

Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry   (see also Here)

Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles

Michigan Fencibles (Michilimackinac Garrison)

Canadian Corps of Voyageurs

Battalion of Incorporated Militia

Kent Militia Rifle Company (Dolsen's)

Kent Volunteers

British Indian Department  Elliot's Company

Caldwell's Rangers

Royal Navy and Provinical Marine

Royal Marines

Hamilton Ship's Company, 1812

HMS Detroit

HMS Endeavour

Provincial Marine


United States


US Corps of Artillery (Fort McHenry Guard)

1st Regiment of Infantry

7th Regiment of Infantry

17th Regiment of Infantry

25th Regiment of Infantry

27th Regiment of Infantry

1st Rifle Regiment , Forsyth's Company


Maryland Light Dragoons

Upper Mississippi Brigade (The Mississippi Volunteers, 7th U.S. Infantry, St. Louis Artillery, & USS Carolina Naval Artillery Unit)

Baltimore Fencible Artillery (Fort McHenry Guard)

Missouri Rangers

Steeles Rifles

Virginia Militia (Fort Norfolk 1812 Garrison)

Marines and Navy

US Marine Detachment 1812, USS Constitution

Ship's Company, USS Constellation

US Sea Fencibles (Fort McHenry Guard)

US Marine Brigade (1812)

US Brig Niagara


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