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A Most Warlike Appearance: Uniforms, Weapons, Flags and Equipment of the United States in the War of 1812
by René Chartrand

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Uniforms and Equipment


Arms and Accoutrements of the Upper Canada Militia at the Beginning of the War of 1812  by Gareth Newfield
The author explores the patchwork of outdated equipment filtering to the Militia in the upper province.

Tropical Shakos in Canada: the Case of the 13th and 64th Regiment of Foot 1813-1815 by Gareth Newfield

Elegance or Comfort: Breeches and Trousers in the British Army, 1803-1815 by Robert Henderson

British Army Forage Caps During the War of 1812 by Robert Henderson and Keith Raynor

Loading and Firing a British Baker Rifle 1799-1815 by Robert Henderson

US Rifle Uniforms and Canadian Rifle Companies: An Examinatioin of Levi Soper's Coat, 1812-13 by Robert Henderson

British Army Blanket Tents
by Keith Raynor

Furniture and Utensils of a Soldier's Mess in Barracks, 1812
by Robert Henderson

Captured US Arms and Equipment in the War of 1812
ed. by Robert Henderson

The British Powder Cask by Len Heidebrecht

British Army Shirts, 1803-1815.
by Robert Henderson

Uniforms of the 19th Light Dragoons in Canada, 1813-1816
by René Chartrand

C. Hamilton Smith`s Experiment with the Colour of Uniforms
ed. by Keith Raynor

Uniform and Militia References in Canadian Newspapers during the War of 1812
compiled by René Chartrand

British Soldier's Boxes during the War of 1812
by Robert Henderson

British Army Officer's Greatcoats, 1812-15 by Robert Henderson

Notes on War of 1812 Tents and Camp Equipage
by Keith Raynor

British Army Greatcoats During the American War of 1812
by Robert Henderson



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