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A Most Warlike Appearance: Uniforms, Weapons, Flags and Equipment of the United States in the War of 1812
by René Chartrand

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Articles on Battles  -  Summaries for all Battles

Canadian Voltiguers on the March (Parks Canada)


The Burning of Newark in 1813 by Robert Henderson
This was the nastiest event of the war.   People dragged out of their homes in the dead of winter, and watch everything they owned go up in flames. 

A Tranquil River No More: The Raid on Gananoque, 1812 by Robert Henderson
War in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River is often forgotten about but is intriguing.  This article discusses one of the many occurrences in that area.

The Battle of North Point by John Pezzola  
A key turning point in the Chesapeake campaign, U.S. forces inflict heavy casualties on the British, forcing them to abandon their hopes of capturing Baltimore.

Spur's Defeat by Shawnee in November 1812 by Rich Ferguson  
The author pieces together the events of this interesting skirmish between US mounted troops and well-positioned Shawnee warriors.   

Last Stand of Sergeant Major Mayeaux, Royal Marines, 1814 ed. by Donald E. Graves

Court Martial of Lt. Bender for actions at the Battle of the River Raisin submitted by Jim Yaworsky

Soldier's Families Under Fire: Ambush at Toussaint Island 1812 ed. by Robert Henderson

The Battle of the Mississinewa, 1812 by Keith Raynor

An Account of the Battle of Queenston Heights, October 13th, 1812  ed. by Robert Henderson

An Account of the Battle of Ogdensburg N.Y., February 22nd, 1813  ed. by Robert Henderson

The Capture of Fort George, May 27th, 1813 by Robert Henderson

Canadian Fencible Light Company and the Battle of the Chateauguay, October 26th, 1813 by Robert Henderson

The Storming of Fort Niagara, December 18th, 1813 by Robert Henderson

The Battle of Lacolle Mills, March 1814 by Robert Henderson

The Siege of Fort Erie, 1814 by Frederick Carsted


Summaries for All Battles


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