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Loading and Firing a British Baker Rifle 1799-1815 by Robert Henderson

Captured US Arms and Equipment in the War of 1812 ed. by Robert Henderson

British Sergeant's Pike Drill, 1814 ed. by Robert Henderson

Incredible Selection of Muskets and More

Brief Descriptions and Images

Northwest Fur Trade Gun used the Natives and Fur Traders in 1812

Tecumseh's Chief's Trade Gun

American 1795 Springfield Musket

American Eagle Head Officer's Sword, 1812

French Patterns of Swords used by the U.S. Navy and Army, 1812

Britsh 3rd Model Brown Bess Musket

British Baker Rifle

British Sea Service Musket

British New Land Cavalry Pistol

British 1796 Infantry Officer's Sword

British 1796 Sergeant and Drummer's Swords

British 1803 Grenadier and Light Officer's Sabre

British 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre

Royal Navy 1805 Pattern Officer's Sword

Royal Artillery Gunner's Sword of the War of 1812


Famous 95th Rifles Sabre on Sale


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The Brown Bess Musket


British Artillery

British Tall Ship & Gunboat

U.S. Model 1795 Musket. .69 Calibre


Native Weapons



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